8 Yoga Steps to Build Strength for Inversions! - The Nourished Yogini
Leanne Gerich is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor.
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8 Yoga Steps to Build Strength for Inversions!

11 Jun 8 Yoga Steps to Build Strength for Inversions!

Feeling powerful is a wonderful feeling.  It attracts self confidence and determination.  A yoga teacher once said to our class that inversions are great because it is the only time we place our heart above our mind.

Inversions seem a little scary at first.  But against a clear wall, it only takes a little bit of courage.  Here are 8 yoga moves to help improve strength and stabilize the body for inversion play time! Check out a little routine of mine to follow on YouTube!

  1. Plank – this move helps to stabilize the core, the shoulders and the arms.  plank
  2. Chatarunga – a proper chatarunga will really train the shoulders to ground you in other postures.chatarunga
  3. Downward dog – not only will this help stretch and elongate the entire body, but it will open up the shoulders.  Try balancing on the tip toes to put more weight on the arms.dd
  4. Downward dog split or 3 legged dog – great transition for the other postures, as well stabilizing the shoulders.3leg
  5. Hovering – left and right – this helps to engage the core.  Afraid you don’t have enough strength?  This will train you, fast.rightleft
  6. Dophin – excellent for the upper back!  Engages all the muscles required for take off.dolphin
  7. Head balance – this is great for beginners.  Keep the feet on the ground, and slowly go to the tip toes to feel the weight on your top body.  Keep the shoulders engaged and press into the ground with your arms to protect your neck!head balance