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Leanne Gerich is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor.
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06 Jan Hello 2017!

Hi guys! With it being the new year, I thought it would be a good time to post on where I am and what's going on.  Most of you know, but at the end of 2016 I had made the move over to Brisbane, Australia.  It's a...

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28 Feb Spring Cleaning Means Clean Eating!

As you may know, our diet should rotate with the season.  Summer is the the time for light, refreshing food, while Autumn is the time for nourishing root vegetables.  Winter becomes the best time for hearty stews, meats and breads.  We are now in full...

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28 Feb When Does Alcohol Become Bad For Your Health?

Alcohol is one of the most commonly used stimulants. Even with economic stress, bars were and have continued to run smoothly. People can’t wait to have that post-work beverage after a long and challenging day. I definitely don’t disagree with this – I think moderate...

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28 Feb The Nourished Yogini – Morning Rituals

The nourished yogini here! Each day, you have an opportunity to set off on the right foot, making the rest of the day less stressful and more enjoyable. Every morning, we wake up with determination and positivity. Sleep cleanses us from the previous day. All...

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28 Feb Considering Stimulants and Our Skin

Most people depend on stimulants to get them through their day.  It may be that morning coffee to start the day, that sugary afternoon snack to keep going, or that glass of wine at night.  “Everyone has a vice” is something I hear all to...

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28 Feb The Nourished Yogini – Greater Happiness

The nourished yogini here!  In this day and age people are more like busy bubbles apposed to busy bees.  We are all stressed about something, in a rush and in our own world.  It’s not surprising to bump into a stranger on the street, because...

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