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Leanne Gerich is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor.
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Hello 2017!

06 Jan Hello 2017!

Hi guys!

With it being the new year, I thought it would be a good time to post on where I am and what’s going on.  Most of you know, but at the end of 2016 I had made the move over to Brisbane, Australia.  It’s a beautiful city with a shocking amount of yoga studios, local markets and cool cafes.  I’m super impressed!

My first month in Brisbane I spent subbing at different yoga studios.  Hopefully I will get my acupuncture licence organized in the new few weeks and start focusing on that!

As far as nutrition goes, I’m always available online to consult clients through Skype.  If you are interested in furthering your health journey, I can help you with a holistic approach to eating, plus structure a proper macronutrient count for your goals.  I believe it’s important to understand both. I’m available to help you through skin issues (I have had my own for years!), digestive problems, sugar balancing and weight management.  Through my education in Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic health, I’m able to educate from many different lenses.  Send me a note if this is something you want to learn more about! My prices are viewable on my Service section.

I have a lot of mini projects going on this year, if you haven’t already, add me on the following social medias to stay up to date.  I try to post as much as possible to help inspire and educate others to live a healthier lifestyle!

Instagram – @thenourishedyogini

Facebook Page – The Nourished Yogini

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In health,

Leanne xx